Via Paolo Emilio, 69/A - Rione Prati - 00192 Roma +39 06 5133505

April 9 – 10, 2023

The culinary peculiarities

Ours is a genuine cuisine, based on the constant search for quality, in which you can rediscover the flavor of home, the flavor of excellence and above all the flavor of the sea.
We have created an ad hoc menu that loves to keep our specialties following the seasonality of the products, continuing the ideal of excellence of the raw materials that distinguish our dishes.

Do you want to have a real culinary experience?

Let yourself be guided by the owner and chef Gino, let yourself be advised by the owner and waiter Giovanni and by our highly trained staff: it will be like having a private chef ready to personalize your dinner, outlining your culinary experience, based on the catch of the day.


Catch of the day

Transparency, for us, means choosing all the raw materials that make up your dish: from our disarming display of fresh fish to your table, every day.

Local products that we select personally through exclusive auctions of fish products, thus guaranteeing 100% freshness and quality.
The daily research and selection continues, always relying on the wonders that the sea offers us through the Sardinian, Sicilian and Formian navy, ensuring us the right dowry of exclusive products such as tuna, swordfish, scampi and red larve shrimps from Mazara del Vallo.
Last but not least, the restaurant gas a network of trust that guarantees for our guests the best foreign product (both European and international) such as king crab Alaska, French oysters, boulot and mussels from Normandy and Brittany, sea urchins from Galicia, salmon from Scotland.